With 90 years’ experience in the sector of winter road maintenance equipment, Garnero offers a wide range of appropriate, technologically advanced products, which allow our customers to face any snowfall problem they may encounter.

Our production capacity relies not only on our ability to keep up with the ever-changing technology, but also on our own, and our customers’ passion and experience to manufacture reliable machines of superb quality. At Garnero, our highly qualified personnel offer major services, such as testing, customer service and vehicle hire.

Our qualified technicians use new generation machinery and equipment not only to design, construct, assemble and sell our products, but also to offer top customer service.

So, please accept our invitation to visit our website. Discover our light, versatile and highly elastic, steel-framed Vee snow ploughs, featuring reinforced major stress points to guarantee you sturdy, safe equipment. Take a look at our single-piece or multi-section frame snow plough blades, using our rapid, safe, elastomeric FULL-TIP system (PATENTED), suitable for even the roughest roads. Our self-loading, mounted spreaders made of stainless steel or rust-proof material are compact and user-friendly, just as suitable for narrow, inaccessible streets as they are for smooth-flowing main roads.

Garnero products are all made of high-level elastic T1 steel to guarantee the user a safe, sturdy product, yet light enough to move easily and smoothly in the most awkward thoroughfares.
Our company will either fit the equipment directly on to your vehicle or we will use authorised, trusted centres. Vehicle aesthetics and operability remain unchanged, and space is left for regular maintenance operations. We can then offer you a homologation service, which has been running at our plant since 2002.
We are also flexible enough to be able not only to adapt our equipment to any requirement and develop new projects together with our customers, but also to make modifications and customisations. We work rapidly and are always available to offer our customers all the know-how we have gained in 90 years of enthusiasm and success.

So, welcome to our website and don’t forget that the GARNERO workshops will be pleased to give you further details and advice over the phone, by e-mail (click on the info link for a form you can use to contact us directly), or at our plant.

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